True as Earth, Strong as Water

True as Earth, Strong as Water is the 5th in a series of books from Relay Replay Press, dedicated to working with the elderly who are suffering from various stages and forms of memory loss.

Arnie's life has always been anchored around a farm or a body of water. He was born and raised on a South Dakota farm and later retired to an Oregon farm; in between, he fought in the Pacific during WWII and raised a family around the Great Lakes. True as Earth, Strong as Water is grounded in this connection to the land and the water. In a speech he gave while accepting the Distinguished Alumni Award from Northern State University, he listed "born & raised on a farm" as the first thing that he was thankful for. He taught mathematics & industrial arts, andĘ served as dean in the community college system and as presidents of various educational associations. He continues to be passionate about music, playing his favorite song San Antonio Rose on the harmonica during his most recent birthday celebration in 2011.

While he was not able to participate hands-on in creating this book, his physical presence can be found throughout. Included are his handwritten notes, drawings and letters, photographs supplied by friends and family, and the soil and water that touched his life. The melody of San Antonio Rose is the basis for the design on the back of the book.

The book contains numerous silkscreen prints and 5 Solarplate etchings printed on custom paper made by Helen Hiebert containing soil from Arnie's childhood South Dakota farm, soil the Oregon farm he retired to, water from the Pacific Ocean, the Willamette River and the Columbia River.

Here is a downloadable prospectus in PDF format.

True as Earth, Strong as Water

Edition of 26, of which 14 are available for sale
Gocco printed and Solarplate etching on Rives Lightweight, Nepal Heavyweight, handmade paper by Helen Hiebert, handmade Taiwanese Mulberry paper
4 3/4” H x 8 1/8” W x 5 / 8” D (closed)

$700, plus shipping & insurance $13

True as Earth, Strong as Water