Up to the Western Sky


The idea of the phoenix rising from the ashes is prevalent in many cultures around the world. In East Asia in particular, it is a common theme in funerary and burial rituals, and representation of the phoenix is common on headstones and mausoleums. In addition, it is believed that your soul is transported towards the western sky after death. This print celebrates the flight of the spirit.

Part of the Flight suite of prints that look at flight literally & metaphorically. 2005-2006.

This print is twice as long as the larger PG-Arts model which has a print bed around 6” high by 9” wide; the print is therefore printed in sections, which required careful registration not only of the different layers, but also of the different sections.

Edition of 26
Gocco printed on Rives Lightweight
Image size 6” x 16”
Paper size 8” x 20”

Shipped flat, matted and mounted on Rising Museum Board to fit 22” x 11.5” frame

$200, shipping & insurance + $9

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This print + Do You Read Me?

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