The Mysterious Gift Horse

Part of The Portland Suite, a series of Gocco prints celebrating the unexpected in Portland; two have been completed so far.

Ever notice the little toy horses hitched up to the metal rings embedded in the sidewalks? This print celebrates The Horse Project of Portland.

With these prints, I am using the Print Gocco in many experimental and alternative methods. Using open screens, self-adhesive stencils, and screens that have been brushed with PVA to create a desired texture, this print been created with a total of 3 screens, althought it has 9 layers of printing on it (and 14 if you count all the times I had to print the horse white over the other colors).

You can read the evolution of this print here.

Edition of 11
Gocco printed on Rives Lightweight
Image size 7” x 11”
Paper size 11” x 15”

Shipped flat, matted and mounted on Rising Museum Board to fit standard 16” x 20” frame

$165, shipping & insurance + $9

Purchase the two-print set:
This + Trixie the Poetry Car

$280, combined shipping & insurance + $9