In a reference to ever miniaturized technologies that allow us to surround ourselves with ever more content, this book raises the question of the Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio of such content.

Using archival clear adhesive tape, ‘noisy words’ are transferred from black Arches Cover to Strathmore Drawing paper in an accordion book. Translations of the text, in both English and in audio waveforms, are Gocco printed on the back. A recording of Shu-Ju reading the text is the source for the waveforms. Handmade paper from Taiwan is used for the cover boards and is also the fiber transferred onto the Arches Cover slipcase.

Shown are book completely opened, front details and slip case.

S/N, whole book view

Edition of 31, plus 3 AP and 1 signed practice copy
Print Gocco and fiber transfer on Strathmore Drawing
1.75” x 2.375” x 0.5” closed, 1.75” x 55.25” when completely opened

$45, shipping & insurance + $8

inside detail with cover