The funerary rites in Taiwan are unique within the greater Chinese culture but consistent within the context of the original Chinese immigrants who went to Taiwan—they had not intended to stay permanently. And for those who were unable to return home while they were alive, their bones would after death. Thus evolved the Taiwanese burial practice—after 7 years, the dead are unearthed and placed in an urn, waiting for an opportunity to return to their homeland.

Written in the voice of a woman dead for 7 years, Fatherland is an artist’s book about these practices which continue to change in modern day Taiwan. This book is part of a continuing body of work that is about my heritage and my immigrant experience.

Shown are the front cover, the accordion front and accordion back.

Fatherland, cover & slipcase

Edition of 20
Gocco printed and paper burning on Rives Lightweight
Covered in Taiwanese handmade paper
Slipcase in Arches Black
4.5” x 6.75” x 0.25” closed, 36” x 6.75” when completely opened

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front detail viewdetail