A full deck of 54 cards that trace the evolution of 52 Chinese characters from their original pictographs to their contemporary forms. The heart and diamond suits illustrate the evolution of 26 radicals, and the spade and club suits show these radicals used in complex, combination characters. Based on the book Chinese Calligraphy by Edoardo Fassioli and Guo Yu Ri Bao Zi Dian, a Chinese dictionary.

There are two editions: one version is Fully Printed front/back/cover, the second version is Printed Front Only, leaving the backs and cover blank for the purchaser to print. Each edition was printed in either Evergreen Cover Aspen or Astroparche Antique Gold.

Shown are the wrap-around covers, 4 card faces and card backs in Evergreen Cover Aspen and Astroparche Antique Gold.

2 kings & 2 aces

Fully Printed edition of 40
Printed Front Only edition of 20

Gocco printed
3 1/8” x 2 1/8”
Evergreen Cover Aspen—3/4” deep
Astroparche Antique Gold—5/8" deep

Fully Printed: $65, shipping & insurance + $8

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Printed Front Only: $35, shipping & insurance + $8

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