A Playground of Paper and Panels, 2009 - 2011

A series of square panels, a mixture of commissioned, experimental and collaborative work. The final 6 images on the 5th row were part of a collaboration between Shelley Hershberger and me; see the full description of the collaboration on the Switchback page

Hummingbird of the Day Hummingbird of the Night
Bloom Dream On They've Got Gold Trouble Acient History Lichen Cosmic Bowling
Hummingbird Hummingbird #2 Droplets Peering In Regularly Irregular Regularly Irregular #2 Infinite Loop, a Maze Angelita Sluggyfish Desert Monsoon Hey Dude, They're Serving Free Beer! Lion Dance Peony in Cloudburst In Either Case, There is Trouble Queen Bat and Her Royal Jewels Going Around in Circles
Prosperity Soup to Be Eaten in the Dark Trip Two DNA Turquoise & Lime Green Fight to the Death Cosmic Laundry

A Fable With Two Characters, 2006 - 2008

A series of paintings using moths and dandelions as characters in a fable.

Cobwebs in the Fetish Cabinet The Three Vanities Look at Them Girls in Their Pretty Brocades
Conjoined Rusty Fragments I Dreamed That You Were Delicious Flattery Can Only Get You So Far But EVERYTHING Sparkles When It Rains
Flying Down the Primrose Path The Fabulous Folly The Four Seasons of Nansen Summit

Really Old Stuff

Not in any particular order, here are some of my favorites from the past. Titles, sizes and dates are not always remembered or recorded.

Alchemy The Apron Asia Journal II The Black Bird
Bon Appetite Divided Leaves Dried Sunflower Fiddleheads Gravity The Monkey King Evolution of the Pomegranate
Laylah and the Umbrella Singing Untitled Window Seat

To Purchase

Some of these pieces are still available, as are other pre-2006 pieces not shown this page; please contact me for specifics.