Prints & Artists's Books — Most of my prints and artist's books are created using the Print Gocco.

Gocco Projects in Progress — Current and past Gocco projects are documented on my blog under the Gocco tag. — For information about Print Gocco being discontinued, and various projects aimed at saving the Print Gocco, go here.

Yahoo Gocco-Printers Discussion Group — This is a moderated group that started in 2002, traffic is light to moderate. If you have questions about your Gocco, this is a good place to start. Print exchanges are organized on a regular basis, so it's a good way to get a lot of different examples of small Gocco works.

NEHOC of Australia — This massive website contains on-line tutorials on using the Gocco and related products.

Flickr Gocco Group — Lots of photos, of course.

2nd Flickr Gocco Group, Locco for Gocco — Smaller & newer group than the original Flickr Gocco group; there seems to be a lot of people who are on both.

Yahoo Gocco Discussion Group — This was the original group that started years ago. Unfortunately, it's not moderated and has been taken over by spammers. The archives here contain a lot of information and you can sign on just to search the archives. It has almost no active Gocco discussions.

Northwood Studios — Judy offers workshops and stocks most gocco supplies. Workshop schedules are posted online.

Marlene's Craft & Design — Marlene carries all Gocco supplies on her website. She frequently shows projects using the Gocco on Craft TV; she also has a lot of Gocco projects with picture and instructions on the website.